How to Be At the Top of SERP

How to Be At the Top of SERP

To be at the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is one of the main goals of online businesses. But why are online marketers so caught up with being on the top rank? Why do they invest for the mentioned purpose?

First, there are countless benefits a business could get by being at the top of SERP. If your site is at the top of search engine results page, more targets will see your site. According to studies, net surfers click the first few links on the results page. This means your web traffic will increase and your aim to get higher conversion rate becomes easier to attain.

However, being on the top is not as easy as it seems. It also doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effective marketing strategies and a strong online presence to achieve this SEO standing. There are marketing agencies that guarantee immediate results. However, since the tactic is mostly shady, the site ends up getting blacklisted by major search engines. If you want a sure and effective strategy to increase your search engine rank, take a look at traditional SEO techniques and social signals that can give you real traffic, is good with giving you real social engagement.

As mentioned earlier, a higher search engine rank doesn’t happen in a snap. You need to be patient to see positive results. While you are waiting for things to turn around your way, make sure to employ proactive marketing strategies that would help carry out your goals. When you notice that your target results are slowly getting realized, continue doing your marketing activities. Think of additional strategies to strengthen current tactics like posting viral videos then buy youtube views to support your video and of course with a mention of your site.

Lastly, keep in mind that the end goal of your marketing strategies is not to find your site at the top page of the SERP. That will only come as a result of satisfying your target markets persistently. If you will write blogs with high quality content, if you continue making your services fast and efficient, if you get on with creating products that are of superior quality, there is no reason why your prospects will not search for you on the net and get you at the top of the list.

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4 Steps to A Stellar Tech Blog

 4 Steps to A Stellar Tech Blog

Anyone can create his or her own blog site. However, a tech blog needs to be more accurate and updated in order to gain credibility in the industry. If you intend to create a tech blog, you have to determine what your niche is, what your purposes are and what you are going to write about, in general. To make it easier for you, take a look at these steps:

Step 1

Determine your strengths and your resources. Creating a blog that tackles technology and information needs to be precise. For sure you don’t want to recommend a gadget or software that your targets would be disappointed of. In other words, identify the areas that you are good at then focus on it. Your readers will not visit your site again if they noticed that the information you share is unreliable. If you are not too confident of your knowledge, identify sites or resources where you can obtain information that will substantiate your entries.

Step 2

Plan your topics well. Write down your topics for the coming months. This way, you have time to research on them and present your posts with authority. If you have the time, write in advance so you can post consistently. Your target audiences will notice your passion for writing and that is a big plus in driving traffic to your site.

Step 3

Once your blog site goes live, take time to respond to comments and feedback. Make sure that you respond to queries immediately. This will make your target audiences feel valued. Aside from writing about technology, you can also write reviews related to the latest in the field. You can discuss the latest news, products, offers and the hottest gadgets.

Step 4

Although you portray expertise and knowledge in the technological world, you should always sound casual and not condescending. Using techy terms and complicated language could drive readers away especially those who do not have a strong background on technology. Keep your words simple to make your posts more enjoyable and easier to read.

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5 Tips in Choosing Web Host for Your Business

5 Tips in Choosing Web Host for Your Business

Web hosting is a service that allows personal or organizational websites to be available on the internet. In other words, without a web host, your website would not be accessible to your prospects. There are a lot of hosting services offered on the internet. You can go for a free service or opt for a paid one, depending on your financial capacities and needs. When looking for the right web hosting provider, you may want to keep the following ideas in mind:

Speed and Reliability

One of the things that you should look for in a web hosting service provider is its uptime guarantee. Uptime means the actual time your website is up and running. You should look for a host that guarantees more than 99.5% availability of your site. The web host should also be fast and reliable. Read reviews and join discussion boards to determine which among service providers are dependable in terms of delivering services.

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Bandwidth or traffic is the amount of bytes transmitted from your website to your visitors every time they surf on your site. Disk space, on the other hand, is the space allocated by web host for the storage of your files. Most web host guarantees unlimited bandwidth and staggering amount of disk space to entice potential customers. However, the host pays for excess bandwidth consumed by its clients and compensates their loss by charging extra on other services. Read policy statements thoroughly because most of the time, it is where hidden charges are indicated and policies about unlimited bandwidth and disk space are redefined.

Tech Support

Take note that a few minutes downtime could mean so much to your site. It could mean losing potential customers or missing sales. Technical issues could pop up anytime. It would make you feel better to know that you have someone to call any time you encounter technical problems. Check if the technical support of your target web host provider is available for 24/7 including holidays. Also, you may try to send them an email to determine how fast they respond to your queries. Avoid those that take so long to respond to your communications.

Secure Transactions

If you offer products and services that involve monetary transactions, you would definitely need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) service. There are some web hosts that do not offer this kind of service while there are those that allow you to set up a security system for a certain fee or within higher packages. If your website does not involve collecting personal information among your visitors and if your customers would not be doing any payments, then you can forego this facility.

Autoresponders and Email Facilities

A business site would most probably need an email facility which would allow you to get in touch with your target markets. Choose a host that allows you to set up an email with your preferred domain. It would also be better if the web host enables autoresponders or the set up of a system that will automatically send emails or reply to notifications.

The price of the web hosting service should also be a major consideration. Review the inclusions of every package to ensure that you would get the best value for your money.

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How to Make Your iPad Last

How to Make Your iPad Last

The iPad is an amazing gadget. You can play online games, chat and browse or watch movies and videos with it. The device is quite pricy and it is not immune to damage. However, if you know how to take care of it, you can enjoy the device longer and to the fullest. To make the most out of your investment, you may take a look at the following tips:

  • Clean the gadget regularly. By cleaning your iPad regularly and properly, you prevent potential damages such as overheating and cracks. Before cleaning the device, make sure to unplug it from any electrical outlet. Turn the instrument off then remove the protective case. Do not use solvent and regular house cleaning products. Also, do not wash the device with water. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe the body and a specialty screen cleaner for the screen. Do not spray cleaners directly to the device to avoid moisture from getting into it.
  • Update your apps. Update your installed apps every after few months. Remove obsolete apps to get more storage space. Also, reduce your multitasking apps to prevent a crash.
  • Regularly update your software. Updates can be done through cloud or iTunes. They effectively fix bugs and remove security threats. They also provide new features and intensify security protection to keep your device in perfect condition.
  • Protective case. The original iPad protective case can be quite expensive. If you want other options, you can go for other brands that are cheaper but also provide reliable protection.
  • Do not overheat the device. Avoid placing the device under direct sunlight or in cars parked under the sun. The heat will not only damage its internal components, it will also shorten your battery life. When charging the device, remove the case of your iPad to minimize the heat inflow.
  • Battery care and use. Your battery will inevitably weaken over time. However, you can extend its life by allowing it to drain, at least once a month. Charge it full before you start using it. If you are not going to use your iPad for over six months, drain the battery completely before storing it in a dry place.

Your iPad holds a lot of your essential files. It is also a worthy investment. If you would provide proper care and protection, there is no reason why the device will not run and serve you for the longest time.

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